Search Engine Optimisation for beginners. Part 3

December 1st, 2010

Why do I need backlinks?

Who cares if you have any backlinks! Well, actually the search engines do… quite a lot actually.
They take into consideration, how many sites link to your webpage, and consider it to be a kind of “vote” for your site. I mean who would link to a site that had no useful info on it, or provided no value?

Another thing that gets factored into the equation is the quality of those backlinks pointing at you. Do you have 30 PR0 sites linking to you? Perhaps you have twenty or so links from sites on the same IP? (All from your other websites, it’s assumed) Perhaps you have mastered the art of blog commenting to the 9th degree, and have 10,000 of those, and only those?

It’s a good idea to have a healthy mix of backlinks; your goal here is to target three things.

  1. Quality –you can’t beat a high PR backlink from an authority site in your niche after all.
  2. Relevance – having a site in your niche link to you carries more weight than having one from a website on a totally different topic.
  3. Quantity – Do you know how to outrank your competition? It’s easy! Build more quality links than them!

Building backlinks should be an ongoing part of any website’s marketing plans. Do some keyword research, calculate just what you need in order to rise to the next level, or SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) and decide on the number of links you’re going to build on a monthly or weekly basis. If you’re not comfortable you can always outsource work like this to other companies, or even other website owners.

“Remember!  The more roads that lead to your website the more potential traffic you’ll receive”

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