Why have a business Facebook page?

December 1st, 2010

We’ve all heard of Facebook unless you’ve just arrived to planet Earth from the outer space! Facebook is the ‘buzz word’ these days and rightly so for some very good reasons. Facebook is changing the way businesses can promote and interact with their prospects & customers, build customer loyalty and bring in new leads…. ALL FOR FREE!

One evening I was watching TV and saw the Fosters advert on which they advertised the Facebook Fan Page rather than their own website. It was something like www.facebook.com/fosters. This intrigued me and I asked myself why are they not advertising their own website but diverting them to a Facebook page. Most big brands are now promoting their Facebook Fan Page rather then their website! Do you get a strong message that something is changing on the web.

The need to leverage social media for business is a complete no-brainer. If Facebook was a country, it will be the third largest country in the world (population wise) with over 600 million. This figure is growing at warp speed on a minute-by-minute basis.

On average, each one of us spends about 51 minutes per day on Facebook. CNN recently reported that Facebook traffic has overtaken Google for the 1st time ever. This is huge.

Why is Facebook important to a small business or any size of business ? Well, with such a massive audience spending so much time on Facebook, it would be foolish not to put our brand in front of the audience. It is easy to build relationships with your prospects. The other most important factor is FREE TRAFFIC a website can receive from Facebook. Promote your brand, add your friends and contacts and it’s amazing how quickly it will all spread, all for free!

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